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Frenzy | US
US streetwear brand Anti-social Social Club sent fans on an LA-based scavenger hunt to purchase their latest product drop. Solving clues unlocked information about the drop zone  where customers had to check-in on the app at a certain time to purchase the hoodie.
Household takeout: Although the app succeeds in creating product hype, it raises questions over the power dynamic between big brands and their loyal fans. Although it suits some, this exclusive path to purchase will not be right for all brands.

Reefill | US
The water subscription service is working with New York City’s Mayor’s office to offer customers a cheaper and more sustainable option to bottled water. Subscribers pay a monthly fee of around £1.50 for unlimited access to cold, filtered water from taps through the city. An app allows users to locate their nearest refill tap, also turning the tap on.
Household takeout: Disrupt your customers’ daily journeys by providing beneficial services in store, driving footfall, increasing visit frequency and spurring impulse purchases.

Virgin Holidays | Barbados
The travel-brand plans to open a beach-side airport lounge in an effort to help holidaymakers reclaim a lost day waiting at the airport. Customers can take a detour on their way to the airport, stopping off at The Departure Beach to enjoy the last moments of their holiday. Customers can enjoy the restaurant, bar and use the shower facilities all whilst checking in before their flight home with transportation provided.
Household takeout: Innovate around painpoints in your customers’ journey to repurpose lost-time with a rewarding experience. A smart trial to differentiate in a saturated travel market.

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