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Teen Vogue | US
Teen Vogue’s two day event aimed to empower and inspire the next generation of politically engaged customers through discussions, mentor sessions and workshops. The event was representative of the brand’s shift from traditional print publishing towards online content and offline experiences.
Household takeout: Brands that are bold enough to re-imagine their presence and how they connect with customers are winning with Gen Z.

BMW MINI | China
The micro neighbourhood will transform a former industrial complex with a combination of retail, residential spaces and communal areas. The project seeks to maximise quality of life using minimal space available and provide a viable alternative to the expensive rental market.
Household takeout: Providing customers with solutions to tackle the challenges of everyday life, curating a diverse mix of products and services, allows a brand to be a true lifestyle partner.

Household’s Strategy Director and Co-Founder, Michelle Du-Prat, joined The Drum to discuss how location data bridges the digital and offline customer experience.
Michelle explained how legislative changes set to be enforced in 2018, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will position retaining customer trust as an essential requirement for brands. To earn customer trust, brands will need to demonstrate their ability to handle data responsibly and securely.

3/4  of Gen Z use Snapchat daily (Jaywing, 2017)
Snapchat | Global
Instead of asking users what they want and controlling the output, the brand is giving users license and creative expression to create content themselves. Users can create their own AR filters using the free Lens Studio package and share their creations with friends.
Household takeout: The power of co-creation is especially relevant to a Gen Z audience seeking to control the expression of their own identities. Integrating the community of followers into the brand development process encourages peer-to-peer advocacy of the new product and brand loyalty.
Images courtesy of  BMW Group, Snap Inc and Kendrick Brinson for the New York Times

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