Why you should treat customers as guests

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The online design furnishings boutique Future Perfect pushes the concept of residential retail with the launch of a shoppable showroom housed in a private residence in the Hollywood Hills. The space exudes the warmth and comfort of a home and customers are invited in as guests to ‘swim, chill and shop in the sun’. Future Perfect hopes to build on LA’s reputation as a destination retail town and is working on a variety of events and collaborations with both the fine art world and various lifestyle brands.
Household takeout: Immersive experiential spaces change how brands interact with and impact customers. Host-guest interactions relieve the pressure to purchase and build brand equity through stronger relationships with customers.

Tokyo Saryo is a specialist tea shop dedicated to the art of hand-dripped green tea in a minimalist space. The seating wraps around the tea server putting all the focus on the brewing technique and teaching the process to customers. After noticing how imported coffee shops were thriving in the city, the owners conceived the project to put a new spin on often-forgotten local teas. This brings the focus back to home-grown products making the intimate room feel more personal, uniting brewers and guests over their common roots.
Household takeout: Unique product  stories add depth to  interactions  throughout the space, whether this is discovering new tastes or learning new skills. Connect on a deeper level with visitors by heroing your product origin.

92% of people say interactive content influences their path to purchase.
(Kibo, 2017)
In time for NY Fashion Week the digital platform ‘F is for… Fendi’ has launched. The website and app have been designed by millennials for millennials and is divided up into five sections. Freaks hosts the manifesto, Fulgore is home to editorials, Faces is where profiles on ambassadors live, Freedom houses a slew of city guides and Fearless is the hub for artists and musicians. The site is an editorial push to engage a youth culture without the pressure to sell and is a way the brands aims to communicate to millennials what Fendi is about.
Household takeout: By experimenting with content creation, brands are tapping into new audiences who connect to the brand attitude. Meet customers’ desires to become content-creators to feel like collaborators rather than customers.

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