Household’s most read insights from 2017

We’re bringing you a rundown of your favourite brand and retail insights from this year’s mailers

This year’s most popular Hotlist, Customer Centric Experiences That Disrupt, explored the ever-growing significance of experience in retail. 76% of customers are ready for experience based shopping, versus sales focused shopping (HSO, 2017). We highlighted brands that are developing experiences focused on the customer’s needs, desires and moods, in response to rising expectations.
Household’s Takeout: In a climate muddied by uncertainty, it is an anxious time for retailers, but in 2018 experiences will be as important as ever. Customers want to experience the essence of brand and will respond to brands that personalise the experiences to them, flexing to their mood or mission.

The most read edition of our F&B Hotlist was November’s Future of Food. With the finding that 73% agree that restaurant technology improves the guest experience (Toast, 2017), we investigated the increasingly prominent role technology is playing in food production and food retail. We highlighted stories that look towards the future of food, including self-scanning robots, VR cocktail experiences and everything in between.
Household’s Takeout: Customers want high tech convenience with a personal touch. Tech for tech’s sake wont cut it, as customers will see through the gimmicks. Seamlessly integrated innovations that truly improve the offer, will be the ones that last and win lasting customers for the brand.
We’ve written 50 retail rundowns this year. The most popular issue of SpeedRead featured stories ranging from Walmart’s Rapha purchase and Milli Millu’s debut as DeMeillier to quirky headlines like Morrison’s supersized sausage roll. Our stat of the year was the fact that 79 per cent of women and 75 per cent of men feel more positively about brands that send a gender equality message on Facebook (The Drum, 2017).
Household’s Takeout: This year we’ve seen big brands buying small brands with a bespoke offer and a loyal brand following; we’ve seen apps and more apps, generally seeking to maximise convenience and position brands as trusted partners; we’ve also seen sustainability becoming a key area of focus for retailers across sectors.
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