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Lululemon taught Londoners the art of meditation with their ‘Meditation Om The Move’ bus. The brand converted a bus into a mobile meditation studio with calming scents and noise cancelling headphones to help visitors switch off. In a timely launch during last Monday’s tube strike, the bus offered people an alternative route to work where they were taught meditation techniques by brand ambassador and yoga guru, Ryan Leier.
Household Takeout: This timely campaign not only provided an in-the-moment benefit to users, but also taught them valuable life skills. Create impact beyond a one-off experience by sharing knowledge that customers can then use again and again.

Selfridges has launched ‘Material World’, a concept looking to increase customer awareness around the materials they wear and their effect on local and global environments and communities. The retailers’ window displays, product line-up and social media accounts will hero eight ethical brands each representing a different material and the best practice for their responsible use. For example plastic will be represented by Dick Moby, an Italian handmade sunglasses brand that use 97% recycled acetate and bio-acetate.
Household takeout: Customers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and want to learn how to live better.  Take hold of this trend and help guide customers with how they can live better.

73% of people consider themselves life long learners. (Pew Research Library, 2016)
With more people choosing to stay in on their weekends and entertain at home, drinks specialist Pernod Ricard has created a connected cocktail library, Opn. The piece of tech stores up to 6 spirits, pouring out measures and monitoring their levels to determine what cocktails you can make as well as even ordering new ingredients. Used in conjunction with an app that provides recipes and instructions, the kit  encourages users create their own cocktails and also discover new products from the range. Unlike drinks machines that do the mixing for you, Opn provides the resources needed for users to learn the art of mixology.
Household Takeout: This fun and interactive experience gives users a real ‘do-it-yourself’ feel, making the process part of the fun. Drive loyalty and integrate your brand into customers’ lives, with enjoyable discoveries facilitating repeat purchases.

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