How brands benefit from the buzz of discovery

Innovation and inspiration to kick start your week

Pinterest has launched new features to further integrate purchasing and personalisation on the online platform. The ‘Lens’ feature lets users take a photo of any object and search for similar alternative items or instant inspiration. This could be home deco ideas, outfit combinations or recipes using specific ingredients. ‘Shop The Look’ links users to recommended items to purchase, whether this is alternatives or accompaniments, based on each pin.
Household takeout: Personalising the exploration  journey connects customers with what they are most passionate about, seamlessly, increasing conversion rate and average transaction value.

Garçon Wines have created a wine-subscription service targeting time-poor, urban customers with a new, post-able bottle design. The flattened, plastic bottle fits through a standard sized letterbox, overcoming the barrier to stay at home for delivery collection or risk missing a delivery. Club members can decide to receive deliveries either daily, weekly or bi-weekly for around £10 a bottle. The service gives customers a sense of instant gratification, whilst the innovative design drives talkability and advocacy.
Household takeout: Encourage new discoveries whilst removing customer inconveniences, building loyalty through spot-on-service.

63% say being sent exclusive offers directly influences their loyalty.
(Salesforce, 2017)
To promote a new mobile payment platform, MasterCard’s #ThankTheFans campaign offered special deals whenever a Grammy was won. In addition, if the award-winner thanked their fans during their acceptance speech more deals were unlocked. A pop-up ‘Masterpass House’ invited members of the platform to attend exclusive performances or buy rare records at a bargain price. The campaign gamified the event, rewarding early-adopters whilst incentivising those not yet signed up.
Household takeout: Embrace events your customer is already engaged with and provide an opportunity to change up habitual shopping behaviour. Think beyond traditional holidays to launch fresh promotional ideas that create buzz and allow continual deal-discovery.

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