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Fashion designer Molly Goddard’s latest exhibition encourages visitors to make their mark on her collection. Known for her work with tulle, Goddard has used 400m of the material to create six oversized dresses that hang from the gallery ceiling on pulleys. The space provides coloured threads, scissors and plastic needles and welcomes visitors to embroider the dresses with the “crap, crude or immaculate” before they are auctioned off for charity.
Household takeout: People are looking for a sense of community and desire a deeper connection with brands through culture. Create opportunities for interaction that has a tangible outcome and that customers can be proud to have played a part in.

A collection of fashion brands are using holiday shopping as a chance to take a stand in support of women’s health, pledging their proceeds to Planned Parenthood. ‘The Outrage’ is donating 100 per cent of its profits from the sale of its Pant-suit line in Hillary Clinton’s name. ‘LB’, an all-inclusive lifestyle brand, is donating $5 for every pair of their IAMM specs sold. LB believes they are moulded by their global community creating a true movement their audience can relate to.
Household takeout: More brands are taking a stand and getting involved in people’s lives in a meaningful way. Delivering a powerful message that can change current debate encouraging engagement and increasing reach.

83% of people like it when brands take a public stand for or against issues they also believe in (BMG, 2016)
Patagonia will give 100 per cent of Black Friday sales to support grassroots environmental organisations. This is on top of the one per cent they donate on a daily basis. As people focus on family and friends over the holidays, the outdoor brand wants to help customers extend this love to the planet. Additionally, they created a pop-up in Shoreditch where customers could buy repaired and customised second-hand products. Customers learnt about the organisations that Patagonia supports and were encouraged to become more active in their local communities.
Household takeout: Customers are increasingly expecting to demonstrate their purpose in action. Standing for a cause and continuously creating opportunities for customers to get involved creates  a more meaningful customer-brand bond.

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