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Sectors are merging from retail, through to hospitality, though to education. For example, Cedra Pharmacy has created the first brand of luxury “foodie pharmacies”. These combine unique products, an on-site nutritional consultant and their ‘Substance Vitality Bar’ with organic juices, salads and protein bars. The Post Office also shared that they acknowledge their need to evolve and behave like other high-street brands to retain their place on the high street.
Household takeout: Based on a solid understanding of your brand purpose and local customer needs, re-consider the services your brand offers. Break traditional category thinking to retain your edge.

People increasingly want brands to help them learn new skills as they strive to keep their edge in a competitive employment market, and the fear of the automated jobs seeps in. Self improvement is moving beyond wellbeing with brands taking a facilitator role. For example, Smashbox’s London ‘Studio Store’ features an in-store camera studio that beauty influencers can use free-of-charge to give them a leg-up in the industry.
Household takeout: As the realm of self-improvement expands, brands outside traditional health sectors need to take notice. Create added value by facilitating connections to enable growth in both social and professional contexts.

Use of scent in experiences increases customer involvement by 38%
(Ambius Premium Scenting, 2017)
With traditional retailers looking to hold their own as online retail grows, multi-sensory experiences are rising to entice shoppers through the doors. For example, Goop’s ‘Shiso Psychic’ pop-up shop used scent, touch and taste to help customers choose. Flickering candles sat on moss-clad shelves and browsing customers could even taste some ‘shiso’ tea to immerse into the brand world. The use of scent both showcases the brand’s latest fragrance, and adds to the mystic mood where visitors could receive a free psychic reading.
Household takeout: Sensory experience sets bricks-and-mortar stores apart from online. Levers from all five senses should be considered and modified bespoke to retail concepts.

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