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Samsung and iNui Studio have collaborated to create a ‘motion-sensor’ bar, transforming any store window into an interactive screen. The ‘Air x Touch’ uses motion sensors to create interactive space in front of the screen, through the glass and onto the street outside. These ‘touch-less’ touchscreens create a sense of magic, and captivate passers-by. NFC technology drives conversion by allowing customers to purchase product without even entering the store.
Household takeout: Hot-spot stores can gear up for 24-hour retail, seizing opportunities to interact with customers outside of opening-hours or prior to store launch. Get the first mover advantage on this next evolution of interactive screens whilst transforming the traditional sense of ‘touch’.

Inspired by the overstimulation of smell in traditional fragrance departments, Phlur founder Eric Korman is reimagining the testing and purchasing process. Phlur’s six scents are only available online and each is described through a unique scenario supported by imagery and a matching Spotify playlist. Through tapping into almost every sense but smell, customers get a multisensory ‘feel’ of the perfume from the website without testing it, so they can pick the one that most suits them.
Household takeout: Since the number one barrier to online shopping is the lack of touch and feel, putting multisensory stimulation into the online shopping journey helps customers choose and convert a sale.

82% of engagement when an advert puts you in control (Event Magazine, 2017)
DKNY put an experiential twist on conventional in-mall adverts to launch their latest perfume. Underneath the key visual it featured a small hole with the message ‘Be Tempted’. Playing into the positioning of the ‘seductive’ fragrance, the brand awakened a sense of curiosity in passers-by to place their hand in the opening. Those who did had their wrist sprayed with the fragrance creating a sense of surprise and delight. By rethinking the traditional sampling methods and removing other stimulus such as sight, DKNY heroed the feel of the perfume hitting the skin.
Household takeout: A new format peaks the curiosity of passers-by and changes the dynamic of the sampling process, putting the customer in control. Create a sense of intrigue to provide more engaging and less passive experiences.

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