Michelle Du-Prât talks to Hotel Business

Brands can build a sense of community by adapting the principles of retail culture to the hospitality industry.

Household’s Co-Founder and Strategy Director Michelle Du-Prât joined Hotel Business to discuss how brands can build a sense of community through intelligent design. Looking out of sector for inspiration will equip brands to meet changing guest needs and expectations. As Michelle says, ‘Our background in retail gives a slightly different perspective on hoteliers’ challenges, because we’ve seen how retail brands are able to take advantage of similar shifts and produce some radical, beneficial results.’
Designing experiences that go beyond transaction will help involve guests more deeply with the hotel’s brand and drive the use of more diverse services or features, which will in turn drive additional revenue. As Michelle points out. ‘The best intelligent design is always centered around the guest, created and employed to enhance their journey, as opposed to installing a new tech application as a gimmick.”

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