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Ford’s new experience studio in New York explores the future of urban transport as the brand aims to start a conversation with locals about what this looks like. Interactive installations, games and VR experiences look at advancements in mobility, from autonomous vehicles to cycle networks. This encourages interaction while bringing to life the brand’s revived vision as they reposition themselves as a “mobility” company.
Household takeout: By encouraging debate Ford are positioning themselves as a socially engaged and culture shaping brand. Move away from the hard sell to allow customer interactions without the pressure of purchase, it pays in the long-term!

Facebook is looking to combat the negative impact social media can have on users with a new feature using AI to identify users who may be at risk of suicide. The feature uses algorithms to analyse posts, looking for warning signs of depressive behaviour. It recognises these patterns, flagging any concerns to a human review team who can suggest sources of help. Users are also able to contact crisis help lines for themselves or a friend, adding to the platform’s existing suicide prevention tools.
Household takeout: Brands are increasingly involved in all aspects of our lives but when does this involvement turn into interference? Consider your brand’s role in customers’ lives and what they expect to receive from this relationship.

96% who discuss brands online do not follow their accounts. (Brandwatch, 2016)’s latest campaign wants to rid frozen Canadians of their winter blues. The travel site is analysing Canadian Twitter, filtering for keywords such as snow, shovelling and any obscenities that people are using to voice their weather-born frustrations. With every qualifying new tweet the brand adds 25 Canadian cents to their virtual ‘Swear-jar’ and once this reaches $1000 a gift card will be won by a lucky customer. are connecting to a previously untapped audience and potentially new customers, who are already expressing their need for a getaway.
Household takeout: Listen and learn for customer bug-bears and demonstrate how your brand solves these frustrations whilst turning it into something fun.

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