NRF Big Show 2018

Household was in the Big Apple for this year’s NRF Big Show, to hear the latest from industry leaders and next-gen retailers.

The show was a great opportunity to deep dive into how brands can drive innovation and achieve retail success. With the retail landscape continually shifting under retailers’ feet it was no surprise to see attendees spilling out of the doors to attend future-focused seminars, such as ‘Predicting the Future of Retail’.
Following on from its introduction at last year’s show, the concept of customers as ‘guests’ was even more prominent this year. We have seen more brands moving into hospitality, creating second revenue streams while engaging with customers in a new way. However the ‘guest’ analogy could be a pitfall for some if it is undertaken without thought to the potential for a hosted experience.
Tech was a key theme this year, from using digital to maintain customer connections beyond the initial purchase experience, to the need for recurring touchpoints rather than tech as an isolated moment in stores. In terms of store design, successful spaces will be able to function with or without the tech present.

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