Redefining masculinity

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Hims | US
Hims is a new ‘one stop online shop for male wellness’, tackling stigma and explaining the science around taboo male health issues. Only 1 in 10 men feel comfortable talking about looks or health with a doctor, so Hims brings medication for hair, skin and sexual health problems direct to customers.
Household Takeout: There is a gap in the market for brands that truly engage with the modern man’s needs. Rather than simply capitalising on insecurities, brands need to facilitate conversations that tackle deep rooted cultural expectations and biases.

L’Estrange | UK
The fashion brand offers a season-less capsule collection, promising dependability and timeless quality in multiple scenarios. L’Estrange is using its new Soho lifestyle space to build a brand community and create conversations, kicking off with a month of talks about fashion and real life skills.
Household Takeout: This store evidences a new mentality, where in world of hyper-convenience, taking time to slow down and be more considered creates authentic innovation and collaboration.

Household Brand Strategy Director Geoff Wilson joined IBT and a panel of experts to discuss Amazon’s impact as a disruptive force and the role of tech in future retail.
Geoff highlighted that while tech can provide the precision, automation and speed of information that a seamless shopping experience like Amazon Go requires, this still won’t replace the warmth, humour, understanding or nuanced recommendations of human interaction. Tech at its best augments rather than replaces human service.

Harry’s | US
42% of men don’t feel comfortable talking about their emotions. (Chatelaine, 2018)
Harry’s shaving brand ad tells the story of a boy and an alien exploring the expectations of masculinity. The brand aims to help customers navigate what it means to be a man today, and works to change the conversation behind the scenes with like-minded partner charities, from The Representation Project to CALM, that push back against outdated stereotypes.
Household Takeout: The ad questions perfection as a standard, using humour and emotion to encourage discussions about gender. Rather than focusing on sales, offering an emotional story that taps into key brand values sets the brand apart.
Images courtesy of Him’s, L’Estrange, Amazon and Harry’s.

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