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High street hope for brands with F&B extensions

Household Exec Strategy Director and Co-founder Michelle Du-Prât discusses the success of brands' F&B brand extensions with Retail Design World.

Looking at brands such as Laura Ashley and Rapha, Michelle examined the commercial success and potential risks of F&B extensions. The Rapha Clubhouse concept was created for cycling enthusiasts and non-cyclists to have the optimal environment to gather and socialise. The concept has increased footfall, sales and brand awareness.

As Michelle explains, “with the help of partnerships, the brand can present itself in a leisure and lifestyle context, building relationships with a new audience and new mindsets. It’s ultimately the mix of social, online, leisure and enhanced retail experiences that is a brand’s new toolkit to reach and connect with customers.” Brands that want to take advantage of this approach need to ensure that their F&B offerings align with their ethos and values to ensure brand consistency.

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