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Tsutaya | Japan
Tokyo bookstore, located in the Shinjuku ward, combines hospitality, co-working and retail. Shared and private spaces are available to hire 24 hours a day in response to the lack of accessible working and short accommodation in the area. Lounge wear can be rented to maximise comfort and a women’s only sleeping space, complete with a make up room and showers, is available on the sixth floor.
Household takeout: Spaces with a wellness mentality, offering services relevant to a modern lifestyle, will be the ones people will choose to spend time in and incorporate into their day to day lives.

Six Senses | Worldwide
From lamps that regulate circadian rhythms to calming hues on the walls, this luxury spa resort tailors accommodation for sleep optimisation. Guests can opt in to a bespoke sleep program where healthcare professionals monitor sleeping patterns to make personalised protocols for sleep improvement.
Household takeout: As people learn more about wellness, spa brands are challenged to match expectations. Brands don’t need to be universal experts, but can partner with trusted professionals to tailor guest experience accordingly.

Household developed the The Sleep Studio for The White Company, to position the brand as a destination for the ultimate night’s sleep. The sensory service experience revolves around touch, helping customers to intuitively select the perfect bedding for them.
Now The White Company is bringing a good night’s sleep to British Airways passengers with bedding and amenity kits on long haul flights. The service was launched on flights to New York, just in time for the launch of The White Company’s Household-designed debut US flagship store.

Casper | US
62% prefer making big ticket purchases in store. (Push On, 2018)
The brand’s first permanent store lets customers book naps to trial mattresses, offering discreet testing rooms to make the experience more personal than an open sales floor. To create an experience rather than sales-led space, staff don’t work on commission. Stock is stored in a basement, facilitating immediate purchase while avoiding overcrowded displays.
Household takeout: Relaxed, pressure off spaces for product trial help showcase items and reduce returns. The challenge is making sleep-in trials work operationally so the product is always shown at its best.
Images courtesy of Superfuture, Six Senses, Evening Standard and Casper.

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