Acts of Allyship

Silence is no longer an option. We stand against discrimination, racism, oppression and social injustice and will continue to share the organisations, people and brands that are making real change through their actions.

Authenticity is key to brand activism. During weeks of protesting, we’ve seen a powerful shift in customers wanting to learn how to be better ‘allies’, and brands standing in solidarity to support their customers in the Black Lives Matter movement and for Pride Month.

From donating to raising awareness and educating others, brands are using their influence to make a difference. Target pledges to help re-build US cities affected by protesting, Glossier donates $500,000 to organisations that combat racial injustices and Harry’s unveils its ‘Shave With Pride Set, donating US profits to the Trevor Project.



Spanish fragrance and fashion group Puig has acquired Charlotte Tilbury

IKEA has been voted the most successful online retailer during the lockdown by Digital Silk

Gucci has unveiled a new virtual consultation service

John Lewis and Waitrose partner with Vitality to offer health and wellbeing workshops

Honda has created the world’s first in-car voice activated shopping assistant, in partnership with Tencent



OYO Hotels has new safety measures in place for staff and guests

Airbnb has reported a surge in bookings due to staycations

Egypt’s hotels now have on-site clinics



56 Black Men launches ‘Let’s not forget’ campaign

Huawei unveils a UK campaign to build trust as a secure 5G mobile network



Target pledges to $10 million to social justice organisations and to rebuild US cities

Nike announced a $40 million USD commitment to support the Black community in the US

Glossier is donating $500k to organisations that combat racial injustice

A list of brands donating their profits to Black Lives Matter movement

Harry’s unveils its ‘Shave With Pride Set’, with all US profits being donated to The Trevor Project

Nike and Converse unveil their Pride 2020 collections

Pantene’s 2020 Pride initiative partners with Dresscode Project to create safe and welcoming salons and barber shops for LGBTQ+ clients


Take action now:

Black Lives Matter

Reclaim the Block

NAACP Legal Defence Fund

Color of Change


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With love, health and strength, Household

Image courtesy of Nike

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