Brands launch sustainable product innovation into stores, giving ‘local’ new meaning

Customers’ heightened desire to shop local and buy more sustainable products are driving brands across sectors to shorten their supply chains and remove the middleman, to create new products in front of customers’ eyes, directly in store.

Fashion brand H&M will start to recycle clothing on the shop floor of its Stockholm flagship. Customers can watch the new ‘Looop’ system shred their old clothes into fibres and spin them into new yarn, to create brand new clothing in real time.

Whole Foods is the latest grocery brand to partner with InFarm to hydroponically grow fresh herbs in its Kensington and Fulham, London stores. When compared to traditional agriculture, InFarm’s vertical farming units use 95% less water, 75% less fertiliser and no pesticides, enabling customers to buy local, organic produce.


Whole Foods is now partnering with InFarm to grow produce in store using hydroponics

H&M launches new garment-to-garment recycling initiative in store

US wellness brand Standard Dose is now available in John Lewis, UK

Amazon Prime unveils record breaking results for third party sellers on Prime day 2020



Hotel dedicated to female empowerment, Hotel Zena has opened in Washington DC



Glossier launches new ‘body heroes’ campaign featuring women’s professional basketball players



IKEA announces a buy back scheme, rewarding customers with discounts for joining in

John Lewis will launch a buy back scheme across all its products by 2025

Vegan Fashion Week is launching its first showroom in Los Angeles



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We’re beyond proud to announce that our brand experience creative idea, the ‘Little Reset Brewing Co.’ is amongst the brilliant winners of The Great Reset – a creative industry movement led by the Purpose Disruptors to embed the positive environmental shifts that have happened during lockdown.

Image courtesy of H&M

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