Brands leverage value to incentivise sustainable behaviours

Over recent years, we’ve been tracking the rise of brands launching second-hand marketplaces for customers to buy or sell pre-loved products in support of a more circular economy. As the landscape becomes more crowded and competitive, brands are creating differentiation by dialling up value to incentivise customers to shop sustainably with them.

The value focus is not only good for the planet and wallet but helps to challenge public perceptions that shopping sustainably means shopping more expensively, and therefore, is the preserve of the better off.

eBay UK is tapping into this trend with the launch of its Imperfects marketplace, in a push to minimise the waste created by fast fashion. Customers can buy slightly damaged products from well-known brands, at a standard 60% off. Products on sale are from a mixture of high street and high-end names, including North Face, Off White, Puma, Fila, and Timberland.

Elsewhere, M&S Kidswear has partnered with Dotte, the UK’s first fully circular kidswear peer-to-peer marketplace. When a user sells a pre-loved M&S item on Dotte, they receive £5 off when they spend £25 at M&S online.


Household takeout

Value will increasingly play an important role in onboarding customers to shop more sustainably.

Get in touch with Household if you would like to us explore how we can help you consider value as a key part of your brand’s sustainability strategy and create physical and digital experiences that are both sustainable and value conscious.


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Image courtesy of  Selfridges

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