Food transformed for higher levels of health and happiness

Brands are helping their customers eat and live healthier thanks to smart collaborations with food experts, influencers and wellness brands. Through these partnerships, they are launching new products and services that teach new skills, inspire new meals and encourage cooking in a bid to better customers’ mind, body and soul. This taps into customers’ growing interest in taking a holistic approach to health - 85% of people want to improve their overall health and happiness physically and mentally (The Harris Poll, 2021).

Whole Foods and meditation app Headspace launch new partnership to improve people’s association with food. The brands have launched a video series called ‘Food for Mood’ which features chefs and nutritionists sharing mood-boosting recipes on Whole Foods’ Instagram. Customers can also access three new meditations focused on mindful shopping, cooking and eating, and a one-month free trial of Headspace Plus. 

IKEA Canada launches ‘ScrapsBook’, a cookbook to teach people how to transform food waste into meals. The book is free to download as a PDF online and features 50 recipes from top chefs in North America. Readers will be able to learn how to rethink unused ingredients into new breakfast, mains, sides, soups, and dessert ideas.



Zara Home launches new flagship in Spain

Louis Vuitton launches new Tokyo flagship

Burberry launches a virtual replica of its Tokyo flagship



SoulCycle launches outside locations in the US

British Airways launches a limited-edition travel-inspired recipe box for home



Time Out Market encourages celebrating Holi at home



Wholefoods and Headspace partner on an Instagram series ‘Food for Mood’

IKEA Canada launches cookbook to teach how to transform food waste into meals

Gucci creates its first NFT, $12 virtual trainers

Burberry launches digital fashion for avatars in China’s most popular video game ‘Honor of Kings’

Anthropologie launches first digital catalog on Pinterest

Brewdog launches first carbon negative beer club


Image courtesy of  IKEA

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