Is ‘well-doing’ the next big thing in the world of wellbeing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a greater emphasis and importance on physical and mental health and wellbeing, and this has led to a greater demand from customers, who want brands to help them feel, be and live healthier lifestyles.

Brands are starting to realise that wellbeing is not simply a passive state of mind and body, but that there is an active role for them to play in guiding and inspiring customers step-by-step, to be healthier or more mindful every day, or simply whilst shopping or staying at a hotel.

Selfridges is taking a multi-sensory approach with the launch of the ‘SUPERSELF in-store and online campaign. The brand has launched initiatives and content to help customers discover the ‘best version of themselves’. For example, customers online can listen to the SUPERSELF podcast series or read a blog by British behavioural psychologist, Professor Carolyn Mair on how fashion can make you feel good. In-store, a series of multi-sensory ‘calming booths’ are equipped with fragrances, infrared light, heat, and sound sensors. Customers can also arrange a session with a life coach or sex therapist in-store or online.

In the hospitality industry, the Park Hyatt New York hotel has launched the ‘Bryte Restorative Sleep Suite’. Starting at $1,445 per night, guests can sleep on the tech-enabled Bryte Restorative Sleep bed, that uses AI to adjust the temperature and firmness of the mattress to their body. The Suite also has a range of sleep-enhancing products such as essential oil diffuser, Nollapelli Linens, sleeping masks, and sleep-related books.


Household takeout

With the global wellness market predicted to reach $7 trillion by 2025 (Global Wellness Institute, 2021), it’s time to take a slice of the growing wellness opportunity.

Get in touch with Household if you would like to explore how ‘well-doing’ can realise a new, more active role for your brand in your customer’s wellbeing journey, inspire new physical and digital experiences, or reinvigorate interest in existing.


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Image courtesy of Selfridges

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