Transformational sustainable strategies set the stage for ‘conscious’ retail experiences

The impacts of climate change are becoming ever more present. Rising temperatures across the world is signifying an irreversible shift, and customers are inspired to create change in every way they live to protect the planet they love. Four in ten Brits think climate change should be more of a priority following COVID-19 (Kantar, 2021).

But they’re not alone. Brands across industries, from fashion to grocery, are increasingly recognising the impact they’re having on the world and are driven to create change that helps customers live better every day. Through new sustainability strategies, experiences and pledges, brands are vocalising their commitment to change, allowing customers to act and shop based on their values, building trust with the aim to inspire lifelong engagement.

Fashion retailer Primark has announced its latest sustainable pledge to inspire a greener world. It has vowed to make sustainable clothing more affordable to each one of its customers and that all clothes in store will be made of recycled or sustainably sourced fabrics by 2030, which stands for 25% of the company’s offering.

UK supermarket Morrisons has announced plans to create 6 zero waste stores in Edinburgh in a partnership with Nestlé with the aim to recycle all packaging in store and from customers, and unsold food by 2025. Store waste, including soft and hard plastics, cardboard, food waste, PPE and tins will be sorted by staff and be collected by recycling specialist. The brand also will increase the range of unsold goods on food waste discount app Too Good To Go to encourage customers to buy better.



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Image screenshot courtesy of Primark Cares

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