The benefits of tech enabled spaces

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Customers download the Amazon Go app, walk in, grab what they want and walk straight out. Computer vision, sensor fusion, deep learning and AI track products and customers in and around the store and enable this seamless shopping experience. The e-tailer runs the entire ecosystem, and can adapt the store back and front end according to the learnings made in store. 

Household takeout: Using technology to create smarter retail environments is inevitable. Talk to us about what technologies you can use to enhance both the customer’s shopping experience and improve store efficiency.


Rent the Runway, a luxury fashion rental service, has opened a new flagship that leverages customer data. This creates a more efficient and convenient shopping experience, that is tailor-made to members. Customers first check-in through kiosks, inputting their taste preferences, personal information and booking a slot for the fitting room. The store has no mannequins or pricing placards, making it feel like a walk-in-closet, while a ‘Style Studio’ merges a computer algorithm with a real stylist to offer customers personalised recommendations.

Household takeout: Tech-enabled personalisation is on the cutting edge of fashion retail. Use smart technology to learn from your customers’ shopping behaviours and offer a more personalised experience in a way that is not intrusive.


60% of customers hit festive shopping fatigue after only 32 minutes. (Sensum, 2016)

To ease holiday tensions, eBay created a retail space for the ultimate feel-good shop. The space incorporated bioanalytical technology, which measured customers’ reactions to products on-screen, to then display gift suggestions from brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Boohoo. Users sat in specially adapted booths, which measured their ‘muscular micro-shifts’ before analysing them with emotions analytics software, creating a more relaxed way to shop that alleviated the stress of Christmas shopping.

Household takeout: Facilitate easy gift browsing, using emotional cues where appropriate to allow customers’ to navigate a gift range by mood for a more effortless shopping experience.

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