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In B8ta in Santa Monica, customers can try out the latest tech gadgets not available in traditional retail stores, such as drones, smart home devices and VR headsets. Cameras track the amount of time each customer interacts with each product, with product information engagement time also monitored via the iPads.
Household takeout:
By always looking, listening and learning, B8ta gathers real-time, real-life insights on the latest product launches and how they resonate with each customer. Rethink how you segment customers to understand each as an individual with their unique preferences, rather than stereotyping.

Break Room 86 is pleasure-focused ‘80s style bar that guests enter through a loading dock at the side of ‘The Line Hotel’.  The bar itself is made up of speakers and a wall of cassette tapes, with karaoke fully encouraged, starring an old Pepsi vending machine that opens up into the karaoke room. Like the hotel, the space avoids your typical deadpan LA ‘cool’, opting instead for a retro vibe and in-your-face fun.
Household takeout:
Break Room 86 treads the line between elegance and ‘80s cheese, a unique blend setting it apart from competitors. This feel-good space is stylish but inclusive, creating a destination that customers can’t help but enjoy.

62% of youth like playing with a brand’s content (Cassandra, 2017)
The ‘Portals Project’ is an immersive space connecting people all over the world through audio-visual technology. The project started off in only two locations but has quickly expanded, reflecting the widespread desire for deeper connections. Those interested can sign up online and schedule a slot to visit their nearest ‘portal’ for a one-on-one conversation. The golden shipping container includes screens that build a lifesize image immersing you in conversation with your counterpart across the globe. The project connect strangers to create memorable shared moments, forming a global collaborative network.
Household takeout:
Visitors are immersed beyond traditional forms of conversation. Facilitate a space in which your brand’s followers can share music, dance or ideas in an immersive way and form a unique community of their own.

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