VR on the Eurostar

Sam, our Motion Graphics Designer, discovered a treasure trove of entertainment under the Channel.

Off to Paris for the weekend and already looking for my first Wi-Fi hotspot. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the Eurostar provided free internet for the duration of the voyage, along with a complimentary selection of entertainment to rummage through, making an otherwise dull voyage slightly less so.

Trawling through the library of magazines and documentaries available I stumbled across a game, ‘Eurostar Odyssey – A virtual voyage of discovery’. My curiosity piqued, I set out to discover what the game by AKQA had to offer. Although it dubbed itself a ‘virtual voyage’, I was pleased to see that I didn’t need a VR headset to enjoy the experience; all I needed was my phone screen and some headphones.
After a quick and simple syncing process, I was ready to be transported into a virtual world of discovery. Through the phone screen, the walls of the tunnel and the train are exchanged for a glass submarine, revealing the hidden world of sea creatures. The journey is transformed into an adventure of pirate legends, lost treasure and close encounters with mermaids and a giant octopus.

Players have to identify as many sea creatures as possible, by following them on the screen for as long as possible, a simple, yet surprisingly challenging task. Friendly voices of a fellow ocean explorers Rose and Benoit add an educational element to the experience, providing facts and information about each creature you meet.
Although designed for kids, the VR experience was a great surprise addition to my journey – why stare out the window into a pitch-black tunnel, when you can be taken on an expedition to the deepest depths of The Channel?

It was a great use of VR to put the user in control of their own underwater adventure and allow travellers to explore a whole new dimension of the Channel Tunnel. In terms of the game itself, the challenge of identifying all of the creatures before the time ran out presented a fun, competitive twist.
For kids, the reality of an underwater train ride is rather disappointing. However, the ‘Eurostar Odyssey’ certainly brings magic back to the journey.

Amid a sea of superfluous VR experiences, AKQA’s offer stands its ground as an immersive and engaging game that provides family fun for all ages. The brand uses VR technology to great effect, identifying an untapped moment and taking advantage of the undivided attention of customers to surprise and delight.
Images courtsey of Eurostar and AQXA.

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