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How the desire for ‘Betterment’ continues to redefine wellness in 2021

In our latest column for Welltodo.com, we examine how amidst a global pandemic, customers continue to prioritise ‘Betterment’ as a route towards achieving a boost in health and wellness.

The anxiety, stress and uncertainty that has emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic have redefined how people view health and wellness. Through cycles of lockdown and isolation, people have re-evaluated their wellbeing and have looked to re-prioritise self-care. We’ve seen the customer behavioural force we identify as ‘Betterment’, continue to grow into new areas, as the focus evolves into mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

In this month’s column we explore five ways customer behaviour around Betterment has changed and the actions brands can take to have a positive impact on the 2021 health and wellness industry:

  1. Democratise mental health
  2. Prioritise financial wellbeing
  3. Entertain and meet shared goals together
  4. Advocate for diversity
  5. Strive for inclusion and support for all

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