Rebranding to create a global online fashion power house

In 2007, after 10 years in business, ASOS wanted its brand to reflect the company’s growth into international markets and appeal to men, women and kids. ASOS selected Household to position and rebrand the company as the online fashion retailer of choice, and bring its fashion credentials to life across all touchpoints.

Positioning ASOS as a ‘discovery destination’

Household developed a 360° customer experience strategy that charted the experience journey: receiving the magazine, logging on to the website, the point of delivery and how the brand should make customers feel.

We created a new brand vision for ASOS, ‘putting the spirit back into fashion’, which was designed to reveal the colourful traits of the brand. It allows ASOS to change in a chameleon-like way, but remain true to its core and maintain brand longevity.

Flexible and comprehensive new identity system

The typographic style explores the contrast of the tightly set characters in the logo and affords pace and edge that is particular to the ASOS experience.

We designed a flexible and comprehensive new identity system for the brand to convey ASOS’s exciting new vision. The new design system is used across marketing, sales and product, for online and offline.

What they said

‘We immediately selected Household for their spirit,

energy and creative pace, in short. They captured the essence of the brand and demonstrated its future potential.’ – Matt Setchell, Head of Creative