Designing positive choices in beauty and wellness for all women

Austrian home and beauty retailer BIPA wanted to strengthen its market leading position and keep being relevant to women throughout all their life stages. We worked with the BIPA team to realise new opportunities to emphasise its offer, service and sustainability credentials with a trial store flagship designed to deliver a cross channel proposition.

Service and sustainability

We developed a retail strategy - ‘chic that cares’ – designed to appeal to practical and emotional concerns the customer has around their own needs and the choices involved in living more sustainably. The design concept is a smart, sensory beauty experience that gives the customer more from life.

Smart, sensory beauty experience

Multi-channel touch points are experienced in ‘More Online’ kiosks, where customers can browse the online collection of over 15,000 international and own brands. For the 3.5 million loyalty cardholders, we designed a dedicated area housing a card checkpoint and personalised gift recommendations based on customer data.

Key insight

Increasing quality and expert appeal was key to retaining the loyalty of a customer who grew up with BIPA and has entered the family life stage.

Through store communications we gave BIPA’s iconic pink more meaning, purpose and clearer call to action. The pink bubble has evolved to come alive in the store from the textural navigation, to the mirrors and try trays. It’s an invitation to discover, experiment with new products, and engage with staff through service consultations.

The store design has a strong sustainability focus. Bamboo feature lighting comes flat-packed in minimal packaging for self-assembly. All lighting is low-energy LED on a shutdown timer, while chroming and plating are avoided for sustainable alternatives.