Creating Discovery Stores for a global fragrance icon

Household has partnered Diptyque to develop concepts for ‘discovery’ stores that immerse customers within the sensorial world of the brand and its history. Store designs launched in 2021 include Shanghai IFC Mall, TKL Mall Chengdu, China, and LA’s Pacific Palisades and The Grove, USA.

At the heart of the store experience lies the story of Diptyque’s founders, their love of art and craft, and their Parisian heritage, expressed through the architecture, furniture, and decorative elements. Each store offers a glimpse into the life of the Collector, with unexpected details and curiosities presented with a domestic and cultural warmth.

Design codes are taken from traditional French interiors and overlayed with local details to make each store feel unique and specific to its location.

Parisian style meets local craft in Chengdu

The Chengdu store blends local craftsmanship with the language of Parisian interiors. Founder drawings from the archive explode across the walls and ceiling.

Curiosity and discovery in Shanghai

The Shanghai store is a gallery space with a grand dining table at the centre. The table acts as an anchor to the experience with vibrant seasonal displays and fragrance. The wax candles and body care ranges are presented as curated collections alongside found objects and artworks by French ceramicist Jean Roger.

At the entrance, a mirrored column echoes a historic detail from one of the brand’s French stores, harking back to an old strip club, digital artworks add an energetic and modern twist to the space.

In LA, the store at The Grove sits as an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle. A palette of soft pastel textures and plaster finishes accent oversized murals from Diptyque’s founder archive.

An eclectic bazaar at The Grove, Los Angeles

Soft fabrics line the walls and across the lounge area, with bold patterned accents and plump cushions to punctuate the space. The marble-topped inspiration table acts as a perfect canvas to display body lotions and fragrances which invite exploration through touch and smell.

Mediterranean oasis in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

The Pacific Palisades store in L.A. features rolling arches rendered with soft pink plaster to create a rhythm which is irresistibly Mediterranean and echoes the founders' love for this region.

The centre of the store is home to a full-sized fig tree, as if plucked from a sun-bathed European courtyard and transported to the hills of Los Angeles.


Immersive Diptyque discovery stores launched in LA, New York, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Tokyo and counting