Enhanced customer journey experience

Hammerson was keen to understand more about shoppers at The Oracle shopping centre – their wants, needs and frustrations. The goal was to immerse stakeholders in the shopping centre journey and experience from the shoppers’ eye, and inform idea creation for future strategic planning on basics and experience development.

Getting into the shopping mindset
of key customer segments

We deployed our bespoke online research tool, emotiveye™ to research customers first hand and capture their experiences in real-time. Recruiting our target shoppers at The Oracle, we created assignments for them to evaluate their experience, and tell us how it really was.

Emotiveye study at Hammerson's Oracle shopping centre, investigating shoppers' F&B preferences
Household researchers at The Oracle conducting an EmotiveyeTM study for Hammerson

Shoppers shared selfie videos

Our shoppers took photos and uploaded comments throughout their trip, building a rich picture of the highs and lows of the overall experience. Key differences between shopper segments emerged, including insights that families were the most interested in services and would choose a retailer based on the quality of family-friendly facilities offered.

Household's EmotiveyeTM research platform, tracking customer experience in real-time at The Oracle shopping centre.

Using our experience map tool we charted the peak and pain points throughout the shopper journey from the welcome, to assessing the offer, and the shopper’s lasting impressions. The emotiveye™ research was augmented with a follow-up Q&A session and accompanied shopping missions between Hammerson stakeholders and shoppers, to dive deeper into the differences between the shopper segments.

To dive deeper we accompanied
shop-a-longs with key stakeholders

Household researcher shares EmotiveyeTM research findings with key Hammerson stakeholders.

Alongside the insights from the emotiveye™ research, the additional research helped establish the key priorities for evolving the shopping centre experience, such as the fundamental need to positively disrupt autopilot shopping behaviours.