Designing ‘one of the best supermarkets in the world’

SuperValu, Ireland’s leading grocery and food chain, aimed to transform its shopping experience into a flagship food destination, to appeal to its growing customer base: Premium Professionals, Health & Well-Being and Quality Families. Blackrock was the site to bring this ambition to life.

Genuine food authority

Household was briefed to change brand and experience perception by returning to the richness of its ‘Real Food, Real People’ roots and genuine food authority. Our concept of ‘Food Festival’ energetically celebrates the shared joy of food and provides a clear platform from which to build a scalable brand experience across the estate.

Scalable brand experience

Pioneering a destination that champions local, fresh and quality values, the new brand experience breaks down barriers and gives customers a chance to learn and discover.

Simply amplifying what the business does best

Lively and spacious fresh counters bring the store to life: customers select fresh produce at the Juice Bar for in-store blending; refill their own beer bottles and learn about wines with the in-house sommelier at the Off-Licence. They can watch bread and cakes being prepared from a ‘360 degree’ view of the store and interact with the expert butcher at The Butcher’s Block.


5-20% growth in sales across all stores. Best Supermarket A.R.E Awards 2016.

120 stores completed so far.

As part of a franchise model, the design assets had to be simple and amplify what the business does best. Authentic materials, storytelling, warm tone of voice and colleague and supplier photos place real people, their craft and their products firmly at the heart of the chain.

The look and feel translates across a series of joined-up experiences, from Click & Collect wall graphics through entrance and navigational signage, point of sale, product range signage, digital display screens and local produce displays.