Amazon Treasure Truck at CES 2017

Our Treasure Truck made it to CES on its first visit outside of Seattle.

It’s been great to have our Amazon Treasure Truck showcased at CES 2017 amongst a range of cutting-edge tech. Visitors to the show had the chance to win different gadgets from the truck each day including the latest GoPro or a Breeze4K drone.

Although virtual experiences were a big theme coming out of this year’s show, customers are still attracted to exciting physical experiences that provide instant gratification. Unmissable ‘Insta-buys’ are one of our buzzwords to watch out for in 2017 so look out for our upcoming blog on these.

Household takeout: Don’t dismiss tech trends as irrelevant to your sector as tech innovation continues to create new behaviours and facilitate ‘in-the-moment’ experiences people love.

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