Retail disruption that puts the fun back into shopping

The Challenge

Amazon is on a journey towards multi-channel retailing and has now seen an opportunity for a different kind of shopping experience with the simple aim to surprise, delight and make customers want more.

The solution

Our insight showed that Gen Y’s favoured shop is sensory and social, with over 50% willing to share their location to receive offers. The concept we created for Amazon is a disruptive multi-channel mobile experience designed to deliver against the growing want for a richer shopping experience that still has price at its heart. It’s the ice-cream van reinvented as The Treasure Truck.

Customers download the Treasure Truck app (currently piloting in Seattle, USA), see what product is on offer that week, then click to buy. They are alerted to when the Truck is in their local area and can collect in person, have fun, be inspired, shop additional items and share their story on social media. Newcomers are attracted to the spectacle and are enticed to sign up.

Creative expression and experience

Household created the brand expression and experience for the Treasure Truck, developing the proposition, logo and assets, packaging, analogue and digital communications and interactive truck experiences. We also repurposed the truck chassis itself, partnering with CSG in Detroit to build and manufacture the truck.

“Amazon is bringing impulse buying right around the corner.”

Geek Wire newcomer of the year award 2016

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