Creating the perfect night’s sleep

The challenge

Beyond its style appeal across clothing, home and fragrance, The White Company aims to be a destination for the ultimate night’s sleep.

The solution

With our insight that Google searches for the word ‘sleep’ over the last 10 years have increased 300%, sleep is in demand and is a highly emotive category. Yet for many customers, choosing bed and linen products has become complicated.

Creative expression and experience

As part of our store experience design, we created The Sleep Studio to bring a sensory service experience to customers, revolving around ‘touch’ – an intuitive way for customers to navigate and choose.

The 7 Steps to a Perfect Night’s Sleep show duvets, toppers, mattresses, linen, headboard, pillows and bed displayed together for the first time giving customers real-feel combinations to test and buy.

Oversized fabric swatch books hang from the perimeter walls and invite customers to take four tests: Touch, Rest, Comfort and Wrap. The Wrap test lets customers literally wrap themselves in duvets to check the size, weight, feel and ‘lovability’ factor. These interactive touchpoints also serve as tools for colleagues to engage customers in the buying process.

Communication is written and designed to feel immersive. The introduction of emotive font ‘Autumn Chant’ to the brand handwriting brings femininity, and product range take-away cards make product comparison even easier bringing a personal ‘hotel’ touch.

Across the store, amongst smart fixturing and timber washes, Crittall-style windows create a department store feel to each area, enhancing browse, as well as visibility.

The partnership between sensory communications and immersive store design is paving the way for a richer yet informative customer experience, and an innovative experiential brand response.

"I am inspired with what Household have done, it's a huge move on for us and you have really understood the brand, we love it. Thank you.”

Will Kernan, CEO

78% uplift in sales since concept launch

Nominated for ‘Best Destination Store’ at the Retail Week Interiors Awards 2017

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