Amazon Treasure Truck

Digitally powered shopping experience that comes to you

Building on our 2015 pilot Treasure Truck, designed to put the fun back into shopping through an interactive experience and winner of Geekwire’s ‘Newcomer of the Year 2016’, we have partnered with Amazon to create an evolved, more experiential truck. From initial design concepts to iterative prototyping, we worked collaboratively with Detroit based CSG to engineer and realise the experience that is the Treasure Truck 2.0.

An interactive experience

Treasure Truck 2.0 had to express the human and fun side of Amazon, make shopping a celebration and develop a strong experience brand profile for Amazon, whilst also giving partner vendor brands a product launch platform. For ultimate efficiency and minimal friction, set up and down had to be completed within three minutes. The truck also had to be fit to store and showcase a variety of vendor brands from steaks kept cold one day, to electronics the next.

Amazon Prime members are alerted on the day when the truck is in their area, purchase through the app, and collect in person. Newcomers are attracted to the spectacle and enticed to sign up to Prime to bag a bargain.

Fresh, human and dynamic palette

The Treasure Truck identity includes a brand marque that drives impact and recognisability in both 2D communications and in 3D on the truck itself. The ‘Modern Carnival’ colour palette reflects the wider, updated Amazon palette – fresh, human and dynamic.


A fleet of 37 trucks are rolling out across the US and UK

Silver best Brand Experience – Transform Awards North America, 2018

37 custom designed trucks in the global fleet

We brought in Seattle artist Kyler Martz to create bespoke, curious illustrations for each truck, featuring city references and icons to tell the story of local culture, from Minneapolis, USA to Manchester, UK. No two trucks are the same: each of the 37 trucks in the global fleet are custom designed to the local neighbourhood.

It’s an interactive experience designed to feel fresh for every visit and our ‘when it’s gone it’s gone’ approach drives impulse purchase. To celebrate the excitement of getting a great offer, we developed a digitally-enabled, ‘Modern Carnival’ experience. The truck expresses the energetic buzz of the carnival with a punchy lightshow animation and neon graphics that respond to touch, radiating playfulness. The ‘pulse’ animation counts down until the treasure is dispatched, building anticipation and bringing the truck to life in a human way.

What Amazon said

"The Treasure Truck was a great continuation of a successful collaboration with Household.

Treasure Truck has taken the US and the UK by storm, delighting customers and generating results above and beyond our expectations. Household understood the challenge completely, providing creative and innovative ideas for this unique retail concept.” – Chris Tobey, Creative Director, Amazon