Christian Louboutin & Design Museum

Fusing the worlds of fashion, art, digital, and culture

London’s Design Museum and Christian Louboutin came together to celebrate the shoe brand’s 20th anniversary and to give visitors a unique insight into the man and the brand. Alongside Design Museum curator Donna Loveday, we worked with Christian to move the visitor experience on from a linear ‘white box’ experience to an inspiring, multi-faceted journey.

Inspiring, multi-faceted journey

Christian’s inspirations brought to life

We brought Christian’s inspirations to life through design experiences that celebrated the curated collections of Travel, Transparency, Fetish, Architecture, Handcrafted and, of course, Showgirl. A life-size hologram of Dita Von Teese at the centre of the show, performs on a giant incarnation of the designer’s signature red sole.

We used light and shade to draw people through the space in a seductive, non-prescribed way. We designed all the exhibition graphics, translating these artworks into collectors’ invitations and limited-edition prints.

Exhibition boundaries redefined

The 20 year retrospective challenged expectations by combining retail customer journey design thinking with art, culture and fashion experiences, to broaden the audience appeal and redefine the boundaries of an exhibition.


+ 34 per cent higher attendance than previous best exhibitions

All merchandise sold out