Making money jobs easy

Tesco Bank

Making money jobs easy

Household has developed a new money services concept for Tesco stores to make mail and money jobs for customers easier, accessible and educative. With our insight that customers want ease, security and to feel more in control of financial tasks, even enjoy them, we purposely set out to develop a multi-channel environment that allows customers to do more in one place from mail to money, services and shopping, all in one easy trip.

“Household has understood the Tesco Bank business and the needs of the customer to develop a strategic and innovative design that both engages and transforms the experience of money and mail services in Tesco stores for customers”

Ian Donachie, Head of Travel Money, Store Banking and Money Transfer

The Idea: ‘Connecting your money, mail, and shopping. Job Done’

Our brand experience idea celebrates convenience in a fun way, creating a reassuring destination at Tesco. Self-service is a key new experience to ensure customers can take more control over their journey and use of time. The concept is optimised to evolve into a fully automated, self-service destination for money service convenience over time.

We developed the name Tesco Money & More to demonstrate a shift into ‘new bank’ thinking, positioning Tesco as a trusted service provider. The intention is that all Tesco customers feel like this is a space for them, not just for Tesco Bank account holders, and embodies the friendly and helpful values of Tesco.

Creating a name and tone that says more than ‘bank’

A secure halo across Tesco

An open entrance with soft timber and warm lighting creates a safe invitation to welcome customers to engage with money services as part of their everyday grocery shop. A digital board with rotating content along with a bold, well illuminated dynamic pixel screen becomes a shop window for services, attracting customers in and helping highlight ‘what’s on’.

Building on the strategy to create ongoing educational and engaging content, an interactive and animated screen instantly engages customers through dynamic, playful content, creating tangible moments of intimacy, encouraging members of the family to explore extended services online. The screen rotates with content throughout the day, providing customers with moments of joy - from inspiring daily content, current popular holiday destinations, to financial health and wellness tips – bringing relevant ideas to everyone.

Digitally empowered financial tips and tricks

Starting holidays with a smile

The travel money kiosk space Is designed to spark excitement over future holidays. A dynamic, live exchange rate board also provides instant updates to travel money rates, to reassure customer decision making.

We designed a range of retail communications including navigation, using iconography to clearly signpost services, and intuitive and helpful messaging at points of interaction so customers can make the right self-service decisions.

A joyful experience with every service

“For the pilot of this concept, the feedback from customers is fantastic! It’s hitting the right notes for convenience and ease”

Ian Donachie, Head of Travel Money, Store Banking and Money Transfer



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