Made from Wickes for everyone

With two different customer groups, Wickes was not meeting everyone’s expectations. DIYers saw the brand as too trade-focused and the professionals did not see the brand as fitting all their needs. Wickes needed to create a new retail blueprint that made the middle ground make sense. Our retail design strategy and solution focused on getting the basics right whilst staying true to the brand.

Getting the basics right and staying true to the brand

We designed a retail concept that is made from materials a customer would find at Wickes. Utilitarian in style and function, guidance and the experience support customers to get the job done, with straight talking communications and an intuitive layout.

A new counter proposition with help desk, Click & Collect facility, extended range finder and tool hire service helps manage everyone’s needs as they start their journey. The Decorative and Paint zones link directly into the Design Centre where domestic cues and consultants create living mood boards.


11.4% increase in NPS & 25% uplift in sales

Nationwide rollout in progress following successful trial

A retail palette designed for Wickes

Regardless of job, method and expertise, Wickes customers now have a smart and convenient solution that is inspirational, practical and suits all shopper missions.