31 Dover rebrands to SPIRIT.ED with Household

Press Release 15 December 2021

Brand experience design agency Household, has partnered 31 Dover to reposition and rebrand the premium drinks company, creating a new name, identity and iconic style aesthetic.

Award-winning premium drinks company 31 Dover, originating from its building name in London, was founded in 2012 to offer distribution, retail and marketing services to premium drinks brands.  The strategic direction has been led by the owners’ vision to position the business as pioneers with a mission to change the drinks-buying experience.  The business aims to be front of mind for both consumers and the trade, through a thoughtful and constantly evolving selection of exceptional drinks brands, by championing quality, and by offering an unrivalled service for ‘at home’ experiences as well as behind everyone’s favourite bars.

Being known for a strong, stand out design aesthetic was an essential component to the rebrand, ensuring consumers would be proud to have any choice from the curated collection on their home drinks trolley or bestow as gifts.

Household created the name SPIRIT.ED to capture the energy of the business as a premium lifestyle brand.  The identity was developed to appeal to the smart and curious who love great style and ultimately relate to the ethos of SPIRIT.ED in the context of lifestyle, hospitality and even fashion, with the brand being at home in all of these places.

Charlotte Jefferies, CEO,  says, “Julie and the Household team understood what we were about from the start.  They listened, and then helped us define a new name and contemporary look and feel which gave more of a nod to our focus on premium drinks.  It was a tricky brief, with short timescales, and the Household team consistently brought fresh and fun ideas which complimented our team’s energy.  A real joy to work with these guys, and I can’t recommend them highly enough”

Creating the name and storytelling for Spirit.ed was central to the repositioning and personality of the brand.  ‘Pour a drink. Add a dash of you’ and ‘Because your bar is so much more than a place to house bottles gathered indiscriminately over time’ set the tone, and are created as lively invitations to the customer that immediately become personal, enticing and exciting.

Household has developed a style aesthetic and art direction look and feel, inspired by colour from both the bold fashion world, and the freshness of taste.  Ingredients and nature punch through in the choice of Moss and Forest greens, Citrus, Lichen and Orange.  Geometric shapes and angles bring an exciting, daring and contemporary feel, and allow for the pure simplicity of the message.  Beautiful refractions with contrasting shadows are used to reflect glass and the liquids that pass through it.

SPIRIT.ED is created to make a statement – witty, sexy, fun and accessible with visual spirit. Household brought in photography duo ULAS & MERVE to bring the new brand story to life through iconic imagery that breaks new boundaries in the drinks sector.

Household’s brand refresh includes brand positioning, storytelling, naming and identity design, packaging look and feel, art direction look and feel, pop-up store concepts, campaign style, and look for the evolved shoppable website.  The new brand artfully combines craft, environment, materiality, visual identity, storytelling and digital to reach across more customer touchpoints.

“From the minute this brief landed with us, we wanted to grab it, squeeze it, and breathe life into the brand and how it can be experienced.   SPIRIT.ED captures the energy of the business, and our amazing clients have taken an innovative and stylish step into the future” Julie Oxberry, CEO, Household

Contact Karen Richardson for more details on the brand launch and project
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