Will digital-first formats power fashion retail of the future?

Previously online-only brands are opening physical stores to offer their tech-savvy customers the tactility, community, and instant gratification of physical retail. Brands are experimenting by translating digital shopping behaviours in-store, allowing customers to browse, try and confidently purchase items that suit their own individual style and body shape, supported by their device, with the benefit of being able to walk out wearing.

Amazon will open its first physical fashion store in Los Angeles, called Amazon Style. With only one of each product displayed on the shop floor, customers must use the Amazon mobile app to scan QR codes to discover customer ratings, colours, and available sizes. Customers can send their chosen items directly to the checkout counter or choose to be entered into a virtual queue for the fitting room. Once inside the fitting rooms, customers will have access to the items they requested, alongside recommendations based on their browsing history and preferences. Fitting rooms also have touch screen displays to browse and instantly request additional options and sizes.

In Las Vegas, Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, has opened its first physical store. The store utilises Fit:Match technology to give personalised clothing recommendations to customers based on their size and shape. Fitting rooms also include digital kiosks for customers to check prices and see similar items. Savage X Fenty is known for its size inclusive range, which is reflected also in the mannequins’ shapes and sizes. The brand plans to open additional stores this year in Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, and the D.C. area.


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It’s an exciting new era for retail as smart brands develop hybrid digital / physical shopping journeys to offer fashion customers truly omnichannel experiences, addressing pain-points around sizing and availability, and inspiring them to experiment with new looks, fits, and styles.

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