Data driven retail

Experience Strategy Director Sian Novakovic discusses data driven retail in Drapers.

Household Experience Strategy Director Sian Novakovic has been quoted in Drapers’ 2019 digital trends in fashion review. Sian highlights the importance of data driven retail to understand customer needs and wants more quickly and effectively.

“In 2019 more brands will use data to generate insight that allows them to move beyond surface level personalisation,” she says. “Service partnerships with multiple brands are able to pick out trends from data, allowing rapid innovation in tune with changing customer demand.” This year, the focus will be on treating customers as individuals. Brands will need to consider how they can personalise products and services to fit customers’ unique needs. The best efforts will be reactive to in-the-moment needs and forge a more intimate customer-brand relationship. For instance, the Sprucebot app tracks regular customer interactions, sending the most important customer information to staff. This enables a tech-empowered human touch at moments where needed.

You can read the full article here.

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