13 easy steps to eco-friendly living

Waste-saving life hacks and top tips for leading a more sustainable lifestyle from the Household team.

In the spirit of World Environment Day, we sat down with the Household team to think about everyday advice for eco-friendly living, and shared some of the practical changes we have made or are aiming to make.


“I reuse envelopes and packaging where possible; turn your ASOS bag inside out and viola! I put a bowl in the corner of the shower to catch clean water that I can use to water my plants. And when veg gets a bit too soft for eating, I blitz it into a sauce and just add pasta. It gets interesting sometimes, but saves chucking it out.”

Carmel Conway, Designer


“I’ve been changing the way I travel to try and reduce my carbon footprint. I gave up my car and joined Zip Car instead and try and use buses instead of Taxis where possible. Flying is a tough one though…”

Michelle Du-Prat, Executive Strategy Director and Co-Founder


“In my family we used to drink a lot of bottled fizzy water – instead I have bought a sodastream, so no more plastic bottles. It’s a bit of a faff to exchange the canister but definitely feels worth it.”

Emily Gasparro, Studio Manager


“I opt for minimal and natural beauty products the majority of the time: coconut oil as moisturiser and apple cider vinegar and rhassoul clay instead of shampoo. This is driven by a personal preference for simplicity, an awareness of what I am putting in or on my body, as well as having the benefit of reduced environmental impact.” 

Iona Morton, Brand Experience Strategist


“As a designer I’m always conscious of the consumption of my profession, particularly in retail. I try to be responsible in the materials I specify, sustainable timbers, low energy lighting, recycled panels etc and push clients to focus on quality. Ultimately, built to last is more sustainable than building to replace every 3-5 years.”

Elliot Price, Design Director


“Kids’ stuff is covered in packaging, and convenience is such a priority for working parents! I use cloths or flannels at home over baby wipes as much as possible. To cut down on waste, I buy in bulk to reduce packaging and deliveries and combine deliveries where possible. And I don’t use nappy sacks (all plastic) unless I have to. I also donate all baby items – clothes and gear – to a family in need and to a wider baby charity – so much stuff is only used for a few short months before they grow out of it.”

Siân Novaković, Strategy Director


“Since doing so much research into sustainable shopping, I’ve been trying not to buy fast fashion brands. I’ve noticed a change in that now I buy fewer clothes in general. When I go to a store I pick things up, but by the time I get to the till I’ve put them back because I question if I really need it!”

Zara D’Costa, Insights Researcher


“When I want to buy pre-made food I try and use apps like “TooGoodToGo” or “Karma” that discount unsold food. It reduces food waste and saves me money and time, making sustainable on-the-go food an easy option.”

Emma Macleod, Designer


“It’s the boring but really practical things that I find make a big difference. I turn off my computer every night, open windows instead of air con and never put on a half load in the dishwasher! I also use Alexa and Philips Hue to ensure my lights at home are only on when I need them.”

Siu-Lan Choi, Creative Director


“My flatmate is great about cutting down on waste which has encouraged me to be more intentional myself. We use refillable Ecover washing detergent, compost our food waste and are growing our own lettuce! The next plan is to start making hummus, instead of buying it, to cut down on our plastic consumption.” 

Jenny Elwin, Brand Experience Content Strategist


“Starting today, I’m going to get back on my bike & cycle to work more.”

Catrin Stedman, Design Director


“I don’t eat meat, always eat seasonal local food (except avocados and lemons), and order a weekly food box so I have less than 5% food waste. I have also pulled my last sheet of clingfilm.”

Julie Oxberry, Managing Director and Co-Founder


“I am the worst at this, but I do want to get better. The little changes I need to make are: buying a keep cup for coffee, stop buying plastic water bottles and invest in a reusable one, and simply bring a tote bag with me wherever I go so that I don’t buy a plastic one at the store.”

Ria Darai, Designer


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