Household x Welltodo
Building brand experiences

New article now live: read our latest column in partnership with global wellness experts Welltodo. Find out how bricks and mortar and authentic activism can bring brand purpose to life.

We’ve teamed up with Welltodo to explore how modern wellness businesses can leverage customer behaviour to create brand stories and experiential points of discovery for customers.

Building Brand Experiences: Leveraging The Growth Of The ‘Betterment’ Trend

In our first column we introduced the ‘Betterment’ trend; the desire to do better, be better and feel better, in all areas of life. We examine how wellness businesses can leverage the growth of this trend.

Read the column here.

Building Brand Experiences: Learning To Shop, The New Social Experience

Our second column explores the opportunity brands have to provide product-related skills and activities to elevate brand experience and build brand love.

Read the column here.

Building Brand Experiences: Selling Activism Without Selling Out

In our latest column we explore how bricks and mortar can bring brand purpose to life, and examine authentic activism through brands that are championing women’s rights.

Read the column here.




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