Project Launch

Household’s latest supermarket concept has launched for MENY in CC Vest, Oslo.

The 23,000 sqft project is MENY’s largest store size and pushes the boundaries of what supermarket retail can offer by making counters central to the customer experience.

Our fresh-focussed design concept supports MENY’s mission to help customers Eat Better and Live Better. The new store dedicates 25 per cent more space to fresh than smaller formats.


Counters display as much visibly unpacked food as possible, purposely elevating real authenticity to emphasise true daily enjoyment of fresh food for everyone. The increased counter space makes asking about seasonal choices or product recommendations easy and natural.

We evolved the brand and retail graphic communications to encourage a more human and direct conversation throughout the store. Expert butchers, bakers and cheese mongers are on hand in dedicated spaces, such as the cheese cave or the meat curing space, to help customers learn about the quality produce on offer.

Supermarket-project-fresh-produce-meny-store-format-cc vest-oslo-counter-space-expert-butcher-meat-curing

The mobile tasting station allows customers to discover new flavours, encouraging exploration, celebrating Norwegian food and lifestyles and increasing dwell time.

Convenience shoppers are also catered for. A food-to-go counter is positioned at the front of the store for ease of grab and go shopping and the kitchen counter area offers a selection of fresh and easy self-cook meals are ready to take home, heat and eat.

Supermarket-fresh-produce-meny-store-format-cc vest-oslo-counter-space-mobile-tasting-counter-exploration-celebrate-flavours-project

Read the full case study here.

Our concept store design is also featured in Retail Focus.

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