Julie Oxberry talks to the BBC

Household Co-Founder and Managing Director Julie Oxberry was on BBC News today, discussing the Ted Baker brand, the High Street and store experience. 

As Julie discussed with the BBC today, it’s a tough time for the High Street at present and retailers must be bold and find a new approach to doing business in order to survive. In Household’s 14 years we’ve seen retail change time and time again.A strong brand and willingness to adapt is consistently a recipe for success.

Julie Oxberry On BBC News

Ted Baker’s brand is strong, which gives it an opportunity to innovate its approach to retail and freshen things up for customers. Brands like Ted Baker can learn from the hospitality sector, where brands are responding to disruptors like Airbnb, with innovative new experiences for guests.
While the retail landscape is challenging, if brands can give customers new reasons to visit stores and continue to create personal connections with customers, bricks and mortar will still have a key role to play.

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