Michelle Du-Prât talks to Retail Design World

Michelle Du-Prât looks at the fast-growing vaping market and the future of vaping as a retail, leisure and entertainment experience.

It’s often argued that the vaping market will plateau in the next few years, as it’s main audience is existing smokers, switching to vaping for health benefits. Nevertheless, vaping has the potential to appeal to new tribes and the industry is yet to tap into the full potential of this wider customer base. As Michelle says, “The vaping category is a rich tapestry for customer engagement on- and offline, when considering the mix of products to play with.”

Vacant high street units and lower rents are working in the favour of the industry, helping to raise its presence and profile. However, there’s still no stand out branding or break-through experience in the category compared to what Med Men has achieved in Los Angeles in their flagship cannabis dispensary filled with experts and full of product experience, and in New York with their showcase concept designed to engage new customers with the possibilities, ahead of state legalisation.

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Image courtesy of Unsplash 

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