Reinventing convenience retail through F&B experience

Leading Irish convenience retailer, Centra, needed to differentiate in the fast-growing market of convenience food service. Our insight confirmed that post-recession, Centra needed to compete for a new customer, including premium professionals with more money to spend and a greater interest in healthy living, as well as existing loyal shoppers.

A modern brand with a distinctive personality

We developed a central retail strategy called ‘fast fresh kitchen’ to make food service convenience central to every interaction the brand has with its customers, moving away from the old ‘top up’ habits of corner shop convenience towards a ‘fresh food for now’ mindset.

Customers can easily find what they want

We created a sub brand ‘the Kitchen’, to elevate Centra’s authority on fresh, tasty food. We designed a modern and dynamic set of assets: logo, colour palette, packaging, inviting tone of voice and retail communications – and applied these across the whole store. The brand palette extended into materials, lighting, flooring, fixtures and fittings, creating a clean, contemporary look and feel throughout.

Dialled up authority around fresh, tasty food


Best International convenience store

A.R.E Awards 2016

Our lively new store design celebrates energy, clear destinations, signature touchpoints and food ideas, underpinned by a logical journey flow. Customers can now easily find what they want, whatever their mission.

By reintroducing Centra as a modern brand with a distinctive personality, the pilot store has been transformed from a downtown emergency stop to a ‘go-to’ eating destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers’ belief in the revitalised brand has driven range reappraisal into products such as sushi and craft beers – unheard of before Household’s brand refresh.

Quick insight

Convenience is key as nearly 4-in-10 Irish customers

regard grocery shopping as a chore that they try to spend as little time on as possible.