Creating the spontaneous everyday shop

Costcutter was losing its convenience crown to online shopping, increased competition and successful new independents. Household helped reposition the brand and designed a retail experience with a scalable kit of parts to transform Costcutter from a rescue destination into a local enabler.

With franchisees’ budgets in mind, we designed a retail pack that accounted for varying degrees of investment, from modular fixtures and fittings that adapt to any store size, to POS and signage kits that can bring the brand to life on any budget.

Key Insight

No compromise on quality or experience and an emotional connection with the brand

modern convenience means multiple layers of good value for money.

A new colour palette builds on the red and green of the brand identity – adding a vibrancy to the warm environment of cork, timber and mild steel. Working with the newly invigorated brand, we designed a personality that’s warm and down to earth, just like Costcutter. We added ‘Eveleth’ and ‘faith & glory’ to the main brand font for a touch of fun and conversation in store communications.

Balancing everyday staples and spontaneous purchases

Spontaneous purchases inspire customer spending while ‘everyday staples’ can’t be forgotten, so we focused on balancing the two ends of the spectrum through evolved brand communications to rebuild Costcutter as a desirable shopping destination. Signage makes finding daily essentials easy, while strategically scattered suggestions help boost the basket. We also commissioned illustrations that encouraged customers to be spontaneous shoppers, bringing to life the tag line ‘fun is in the items that aren’t on the list’.

To highlight Costcutters’ great local partnerships, we designed fixtures and fittings that highlight and champion ‘local buddies’. Communications also highlight the added layers of value, from local bespoke offers to partnerships with ebay, Airbnb and Royal Mail services.

The new ‘food to go’ hotspot helps busy customers shop with greater ease. Looking to the future, the concept is designed to flex to varying franchise partner budgets, from a distinctive fascia system to a full store refresh.

A convenience shopping experience with a scalable kit of parts