Christian Louboutin

Designing Louboutin concessions for luxury locations

Household has continued to partner Christian Louboutin since 2010 to launch stores and concession boutiques in the world’s most prestigious retail locations including Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Le Bon Marche Saks Beverly Hills, Daimaru, Hankyu, Isetan and Seibu Shibuya.

To embody the fun, unexpected, unique and whimsical world of Christian Louboutin, the design of each boutique draws upon an element of Christian’s own personality. For the Hangzhou, China boutique we designed a ‘City of Contrasts’ concept inspired by Paris, Christian’s hometown, and the opposites that co-exist there.

Intricate metalwork forms feature walls of reinterpreted niches, showcasing shoes on a textural backdrop of feathers crafted from plaster hand-painted in gold and red by artists Atelier de la Torre. The layering of textures and interlocking forms draws inspiration from the architecture of Paris; from the ‘lace and steel’ of the Eiffel Tower to the symmetry found in Parisian avenues.

To create a premium shopping experience to cater to the luxury customer in China, we designed additional lounge space and replaced the cash desk with payment that comes to you.


1.25 million pairs of Louboutins sold a year. Over 200,000 pairs of men’s’ shoes sold a year.