Christian Louboutin

Designing international pop-ups for high-end footwear

Household has partnered Christian Louboutin since 2010 to launch experiential pop ups in the world’s most prestigious departments stores, including Le Bon Marche, Selfridges and Saks Beverly Hills.

Theatrical playfulness that is distinctly Louboutin

As part of the Le Bon Marche Paris Exhibition, we designed a pop up to give fans of Christian Louboutin an exclusive glimpse into his life. Fun is at the heart of the experience and visitors can embrace Christian’s humour with fairground photo boards and a selfie booth. The space is designed as an abstracted view of the location of Louboutin’s first store, Galerie Vero Dodat.

Iron bistro tables and chairs offer service space for customers to sit and try on their next pair of shoes. Arches enclose the space and are also brought to life with digital illustrations, representing the strokes of the brush as Louboutin pens his next design. Classics are heroed through animated illustrations, marking key milestones in the customer journey.


Bringing the iconic Louboutin heel to 4 continents, 11 countries, 26 cities and counting


‘A stunning pop up boutique’

Inside Retail, Asia