Warner Bros

Creating the first official Harry Potter flagship store at 935 Broadway

Household has collaborated with Warner Bros. to create a point of pilgrimage to recognise, celebrate, surprise and delight fans who come together as a community to make memories and share moments from the fiction, films and franchise. We created an experience that blends the best of physical and digital together, spanning three floors and over 21,000 sq. ft. to offer the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof.

“Magic is incorporated throughout the store.” Forbes

Sensory moments start before entering

“It has finally happened. After a 20 year wait, we can go to a Harry Potter store and see all of his wizardly world.” Forbes



We brought the fan experience journey alive from the outside in. The Magical Clock and Hungarian Horntail Dragon form an architectural icon that has been created exclusively for Harry Potter New York. Before entering, fans receive their Enchanted Keys Map, a guide on how to access the Wizarding Passport and Harry Potter Fan Club app to further enhance their experience once inside.

The main entrance to the New York Flagship is on Fifth Avenue. A supersized Fawkes hovers above inside, welcoming all fans into the flagship, where they can explore exclusive-to-New York merchandise.

Calling all fans to the Hogwarts houses experience

Each house has its own corner, instantly recognisable through colour blocked merchandise. The Rivalry Board digitally scrolls through different Story Cards created specifically to celebrate the much-loved characters and their school rivalries. The Quidditch ceiling mural sits like a dome above, set against a New York city backdrop. The bespoke carpet is inspired by the house founders, with crests specially created to represent the founders’ relics.

The central fan gathering space dramatically connects two floors of the flagship, linking all experiences together. An almost 3 meters tall Griffin sits on a stone plinth engraved with quotes that celebrate Albus Dumbledore, and the balustrade incorporates oversized versions of the nine key wands from the Wizarding World logo.

Fan gathering at The Atrium of Awe

Experience wand magic

The Wands area anchors the Atrium of Awe and naturally becomes part of any event at Harry Potter New York. The Book of Wands Clock sits above the area inviting fans in to discover and touch over 50 wands from across the Wizarding World franchise as magical windows provide glimpses into the world of Harry Potter. At the Wand-Weighing table, fans can learn more about the wands by holding the wand as magic appears to fall out of the tip.



“We explored ways for digital interactions and mechanical ones too, to capture attention, spark imagination and create our ‘did that just happen?’ moments. To develop these experiences we looked beyond to art installations, museums and the gaming world.” Siu-Lan Choi, Creative Director, Household

Magical nature of the Wizarding World

The Soft Toys and Games area is located opposite the Wands area. Fans can experience stepping into real-surreal nature with magical creatures and plant life celebrated across the Wizarding World. One tree reveals peepholes with Bowtruckle miniature model scenes celebrating the popular character of Pickett.

At The Hagrid Measure Up photo opportunity, fans can put their feet into his leather boots for a try on. At The Ministry Phone Booth, fans can go inside and check out the ‘Most Wanted’ posters.

New York's first Butterbeer Bar

At the Butterbeer Bar, fans can buy Butterbeer and other refreshments. Enchanted Keys are placed as tabletop graphics to scan and discover more. ‘Chalkboard’ menus and illustrations dance and sparkle and Butterbeer moves magically across the ceiling through copper pipes.

“We are bringing the best of our retail offer, we’re bringing the best of our theming, and we’re bringing entertainment together in one space. We truly believe the Harry Potter Store New York is unique. There really isn’t anything else like this anywhere in the world; we believe it will be a first in the marketplace.”
Karl Durrant, VP & General Manager, Warner Bros. Retail Destinations

Immersing fansinto the world of J.K. Rowling's books

In the cellar, fans walk under a magical canopy of the Scholastic versions of Harry Potter. Framed original illustrations by Mary GrandPré adorn the walls, with well-loved chapter illustrations graffiti’d onto the bricks to immerse fans into the depth of the stories.

Spellingbinding jewellery

The premium jewellery collection sits in a bespoke piece of wooden furniture with elegant ribbed panelling and glass surface, anchored by a giant Time Turner, a desirable magical object any fan would want to get their hands on.

“The level of artistic detail and quality of the design inspired by the movies means Harry Potter New York will bring a completely new shopping experience to the city,” Sarah Roots, EVP of Warner Bros. Worldwide Tours and Retail

The flagship in numbers

12 authentic movie props on display to discover through the Enchanted Keys map

The flagship in numbers

Over 50 sensorial digital and audio experiences

The flagship in numbers

4 immersive digital interactive experiences including 2 bookable exclusive VR experiences

The flagship in numbers

Over 1000 glass bottles create the magical ‘Bottle Wave’ in the Butterbeer Bar

The flagship in numbers

Over 72 characters, magical creatures and patronuses